Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Imagine - The Series

I have posted all images from my "Imagine" series as they have been sitting in the "draft" box long enough. I will be going on a trip to California this weekend, going through Wichita, Denver, Salt Lake and Reno on my way to Sacramento, and plan on posting several more. Some will be a revised new design that I have in mind as well.

It's time to spread the word of atheism across the nation and into Mormon territory.


sillyokio said...

oooO. Salt Lake should be interesting. Can I help?

You Know Me As God said...

How would you like to help?

sillyokio said...

Stickers. Lots of them. I tend to scare old folks, so this'll just add to the fun!
We gotta stop for gas somewhere .. :)

You Know Me As God said...

Sounds good to me, I plan to make several new ones today.

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