Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Trip

Yes, I have been back from the trip for almost two weeks now, no I don't give a fuck.

The trip was pretty standard fare until I got near the end, but here are the bullet points.

For the route I took click below...,+TX&daddr=39.842286,-104.897461+to:smf&mra=dpe&mrcr=0&mrsp=1&sz=5&via=1&sll=36.279707,-105.864258&sspn=16.231485,29.882813&ie=UTF8&z=5&om=0

Oklahoma is a pointless boring state. Pretty much end of story here.

Kansas is the same way, but based on the fact that I don't particularly hate Kansas for any specific reason it does get to slot above Oklahoma.

I traveled into Colorado as far as Denver and I can state that the part of Denver I was in had some road construction and that attributed itself to confusing roads. However once in an area that was not under construction I can officially state that the road system there is fucked up.

From Denver I went into Wyoming, a pointless, 8000 feet above sea level, state that I spun out in twice while doing 10-15mph because of ice and 60mpg cross winds.

Utah is full of Mormon Witches. Sucks. I actually heard a radio commercial about the New World Order and how "America as we know it must die" in order for the New World Order to be successful. And was informed that the only presidential candidate that is not part of this "America as we know it must die" so that we can have one world government is Ron Paul. Good for you buddy, too bad America is blind and you'll never be president.
However Utah does have the Bonneville Salt Flats that I nearly busted a nut as I stood there where many have before in their efforts to go as fast as possible.

Nevada is, well Nevada. Home of legal whores and gambling, how they ended up right next to the Mormon witches I'll never know. Stayed my final night in Reno, lost $40 at blackjack table and went to sleep. Woke up the next morning to a foot of snow on the ground; great. As I get on the highway I am informed that tire chains (or all wheel drive and snow tires, which I didn't have) were required. So I find a company that puts them on, pay them to do so, and am on my way. Three hours and fifty miles later I hear the sound of said tire chains coming off the tire. I pull to the side of the road, apply the brakes, when the brake pedal goes directly to the floor. I knew immediately that the tire chains had ripped out my brake line. I coast to a stop, get out to confirm my suspicions, and call a tow truck. Get the truck towed to a dealership, I get dropped off at the airport after calling to change my flight, and am home by about 1am.

Pictures below...

Bonneville International Speedway.


Best Food I had the entire trip.


One of the hotels I stayed in.


New licorice, wasn't bad, very floral tasting.


Big weiner.


I have to get me one of these coin operated popcorn machines.


Oh how I wish we had E85 at the pump here.


Feel free to giggle.


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