Sunday, September 27, 2009

I believe I am in shock.

If I could imagine what someone in shock feels like. Someone that has just witnessed a horrifying event and cannot snap out of the mental state known as shock, I believe, would feel like I feel now.

I just witnessed something truly shocking. I cannot explain why it was so bad. No words can express it. And perhaps the fact that it cannot be explained why it is so bad is what makes it such a perfect marketing ploy. The only way I can get you to experience what I am now feeling is to tell you to do the same. However do not pay for it. Don't even rent it. Pirate it. Download, watch, and then delete the movie Jennifer's Body. I just paid to see this movie and feel that I was robbed. I genuinely want my money and my time back. It was bad on a level I have never experienced before. It equates to torture. The military needs a copy of this movie. Truly awestruck at the level in which this movie has managed to destroy my will. My will to do anything.

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